Far from home and worried?
Meet Nurse Panda Wang, BScN
Medical/Dental Support for Foreigners in Wuxi.

  Panda supervises a checkup in emergency.  
Panda provides medical and dental help for foreigners in Wuxi. 
If you have a medical or dental problem in Wuxi,
Panda should be the first person you call.

 Panda will:
  • Guide you to the right medical or dental care.
  • Make all necessary appointments for you.
  • Accompany you to the doctor or dentist to make sure you get proper attention.
  • Translate between you and the medical or dental personnel.
  • Look after all paperwork, registrations, and financial issues.
I'm here to help you.
Panda is a registered nurse with native speaker level English. 
You can trust her to take the worry out of being in China with a medical or dental problem.

You can call Panda on her mobile:  13063627370
 Or send her an email: Panda@NursePanda.com

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